Which is the Smart Watch for You? Maybe None...Yet.

June 14, 2015

Hey readers, apologies for the radio silence this past week! I’ve been busy testing out the latest and greatest in wearable design to hit the market. 

Get ready for some in-depth product reviews for the best (and worst) wearable devices for fitness, fun, and everyday life. 

I often come across wearable gadgets to test, borrow, rent, or even buy if I’m especially intrigued. In general, nothing has captured my attention for longer than about a month and often ends up in an old tote that I’ve nicknamed “the wearable graveyard”. This is where the circuits and gadgets go to retire, as I am emotionally unable to fully part with them via electronic recycling.

Every time something new hits the market, the idea that electronic accessories can help create more focus, help with fitness goals, or save time leaves me anticipating so much hope…yet leaves me with so much disappointment. 

Do you remember Wonder Woman? I was recently reminded of her super powerful accessories. Arm cuffs that could deflect bullets, and clothing that flew onto her figure with a spin. That's what I'm waiting for. A device with that special secret sauce to really enhance human strength, capability, or emotion.

Following this post I'll talk about what I like and don't like about a few favorite wearable devices I've come across, but in summary: We don’t need another version of the smartphone. Stop directing attention to what a phone app can already do. It's not always about high tech.

I'm tired of swiping, tapping, and interacting with things that take too much time to set up or understand. We have enough apps for that. Instead, make something that gives me a little superhuman capability. Its time to think beyond robotics, even beyond fashion - and start thinking about actual human beings and human needs. There’s a lot more potential there.

XO Julia

Thanks for reading! All photos taken by Roxy Chaney whom I'd highly recommend for all of your photography needs. These opinions are all my own and may contain affiliate links. 

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