I've Been Busy...but I've Learned a Lot

August 31, 2015

Hello again! Yes it has been a couple of months since my last blog post. I've been heads-down into my various devices, plotting new interface interactions and dreaming up new ideas. When I'm creating anything, that is when I am the happiest..and lately I've simply forgotten to look up.

"If I don’t create, I won’t affect the world around me.            - Jon Westenberg

So yeah, here is me looking up after a summer of technical adventures, as well as adventures far-removed from the incessant humm and buzz of gadgetry.

I've learned so much and come so far, and out of everything I'd like to share one of my favorite (and lightest) bits of advice from the summer.

How to properly roll up the sleeves on an oxford shirt. 

Step 1. 
Straighten out the cuff and arm. Especially with linen, you'll want to give it a good tug.

Step 2. 

Make sure the cuff is unbuttoned at this stage
Step 3. 
Now flip the cuff up, folding right on the crease

Step 4.
Use the full width of the cuff post-flip to create an even fold upwards

Step 5.  
Roll up to just below the elbow and secure the button for a nice tight fit. 

You're welcome. Some people like to keep rolling into a tee-shirt but I would strongly advise against this. Sleeves just below the elbow will keep you looking classic and feeling cool to beat this late-summer heat. The most important advice now that you've got the look down, is to remember this:

Never take yourself too seriously.

I'll be back for more updates soon....

XO Julia

Thanks for reading! All photos taken by local photographer, Andrew Zhou whom I'd highly recommend for all of your photography needs. Find my live updates on Instagram and Twitter. 

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