More Pockets for Your Gadgets - Fashion to Transition Spring into Summer

May 10, 2016

Lightweight jackets and structured minis are what to live in as the windy, misty spring starts to transition into an upcoming summer. In San Francisco, layers are key - and the most important trend is having enough pockets to stuff all of your electronic trinkets into.

This look is in-part inspired by the Coachella music festival, with faux-suede (I'm opposed to wearing animals) mini skirt and boots, but made city-ready without additional fringe and topped off with a military jacket. 

This jacket goes with everything and I find myself wearing it every day. Big buttons running down the front keep it closed, and long drawstrings tighten the waistline, making it purely functional.

Quick look at the great pockets on the skirt as well as the jacket.

City boots keep your feet warm and dry, with just enough of a thick wedge so that you can walk anywhere for a couple of hours.

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