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May 14, 2017

Recently, I ran a targeted campaign to my readers - and a big thank you all who participated! What I learned was more about my audience and about what kind of content you all want to see. I was quite surprised and excited by these findings.

Therefore... I'm taking my blog into a somewhat temporary 'under construction' mode to do more research and optimize content. I'll be posting my journey to the usual channels of Instagram and Snapchat, however the blog will be on hiatus as I go out into the world to find inspiration, and through this discover opportunities to better integrate what I'm hearing. Please stay tuned, and for now... enjoy some recent photos from our trip to Sonoma Valley.

XO Julia

Snapchat Spectacles to See Hawaii through a Whole New Lens

March 5, 2017

Despite the current chaos, my amazing beau invited me to Hawaii for my birthday. Whereas I also decide this leisurely vacation would be the best place to give the Snapchat Specs a test run.

Literally a test run, actually as I wore them running everyday. Here is why Snapchat Spectacles are working. Really working.

1. They look and feel like regular sunglasses. This is important for the wearer to feel as comfortable as the people around them. By removing the 'camera', people are naturally their authentic selves which leads to a better video playback quality.

2. Sooo easy to use - a quick and successful bluetooth connection takes just a minute.

3. Hands free recording lets you enjoy any activity without bothering with a camera. Just push a button and check your snap feed.

This last point is especially important for me as an artist and active person. I often go for runs or hikes in beautiful areas, trips out to the ocean, etc. and taking out the camera can be burdensome when you are in the middle of an activity. The specs are a fun and cheaper way to capture memories in just an instant.

In conclusion, I recommend you purchase a pair immediately. Snap Specs show that there is still hope for wearables again after all.

Happy snapping.

XO - Julia

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