IBM and 360Fashion Show in San Francisco - This is Fashion, That is Technology.

November 22, 2015

Recently, I attended an awards show from 360Fashion Network and IBM. The show was aimed at bringing together the two worlds of fashion and technology.

The event was held the Metreon in downtown San Francisco and had many fun fashion-tech related projects on display. The event was an exclusive invite-only and they gave away a lot of goodies like elderflower prosecco and tapas served in miniature take-out boxes. 

Featured Design: LED Earrings and neoprene dress

Among the items featured within the showcase was my personal favorite, a model of the Nixie, a wearable drone.

After munching on tapas and sipping bubbly drinks, the runway show began, which I found pleasantly theatrical. The CEO of the 360Fashion Network and the General Manager of IBM, Sandy Carter kicked off the event with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Anina Net, CEO of the Fashion Tech Network (left)

Sandy Carter, General Manager or IBM
At the start of the show were some beautiful pieces showcased under a faint blue light, which in itself was an odd choice of lighting because it was difficult to see much of anything at all.

LED accessories

Symbolic 'cloud' clutch and laser cut fabric
LED Earrings and neoprene dress

 Creative reflective fabric and textures.

3D-printed tiara and embellishment experiments.

As the show continued, the disconnect between fashion and technology actually seemed to grow, until the gap left me feeling a little confused.

Microsoft Kinect
A few pieces of 'tech' were brought out, among them a Window's Kinect, which was then used to sort of scan the models as they reached the end of the catwalk wearing pieces of lingerie.

An odd way to use Microsoft Kinect by using it to scan the models up and down

Finally, a Fashionably Functional Device... Meet Ringly - the Prettiest Wearable Yet.

November 2, 2015

Here is a hint...

Before getting into all that, I just want to say that the best part about late fall in San Francisco, is that it feels like summer. Finally a chance to dress up with just an extra touch of femininity in skirts, hats and structured tees.

This is what I wore on my way to get some of the best ice cream in the city. Nestled in Hayes Valley is a tiny shop called Smitten - where the ice cream is made to order using liquid nitrogen. The vapor coming out you see in this photo is from a scoop of vanilla being made right before your eyes. You can't get much fresher than that.

You know what just doesn't go with this outfit? A thick, dark ugly wrist band constantly tracking how many calories I can burn on the way to get ice cream. (And honestly, when it comes to ice cream - who wants a constant reminder about calories?)

As you can see, I didn't even feel like lugging around a purse, so the only place for my phone to go was buried into one of the deep inner pockets of this pink coat. So how is a girl to know if there is an important message coming in or snapchat that requires an immediate response? What if someone likes my smitten ice cream instagrams? How will I know without checking my phone every 10 seconds?

Well meet Ringly - a wearable device cleverly disguised as a cocktail ring.

Just received a Snapchat
Ringly works using a bluetooth connection to your phone. The best part is the accompanying app that lets you set up the type of notifications you can receive. You can choose between a few colors that light up a little LED on the side. Yellow, pink, blue, green...etc and there is also a series of tiny haptic vibrations that you can adjust and personalize as well. (continued)

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