The Quickest Way to Get to a Cocktail Party? Go by Hoverboard - 3 Easy Steps to Mastering it

June 13, 2016

Safety Tip: do not wear high heels while hovering

The first time I saw a hoverboard, I was thinking to myself that it looked so silly and I couldn't imagine why people would ride them. That being said, my initial plan to write a post making fun of hoverboards completely changed after riding one around for a day.

Here is a peek at my journey captured via drone footage (more to come here later):

Why did I find hoverboarding helpful and fun you ask? For me, it's simply not practical to take a car to something that is just a few miles away. So while walking would take too long, and since a dress like this one is a bit too snug for a bike or a skateboard, the hoverboard was a perfect solution to an immediate requirement.

It was also really fun! For a moment, I forgot I was on a hoverboard and it felt a bit like floating or flying. This is a little terrifying for 2 reasons. 1: sometimes, to fly is to fall. 2: have you ever seen the movie "WALL·E"? I'm curious if we might forget how to walk one day. ;)


So yes, try it immediately and know that it does take some practice and some getting used to, so for you, I've outlined how to ride one here in a quick tutorial:

Step 1: 

Get situated. This is a hands-free machine which is really nice, but once you're on you need to focus. So purse strap should be secure, heels firmly grasped or safely hung behind one shoulder.

Get situated.

Step 2: 

Imagine you're about to walk up a flight of stairs. You don't think the stairs will move away from you right? In order to master this board, you have to become a bit fearless - this mental trick will help.

Step on quickly! No fear. 

Step 3: 

Lean slightly forward, always looking ahead. 

Don't look at the ground, look ahead at where you want to be.

So thats it! Easy as pie. Now stand up, relax, and always be punctual for those expecting you to show up on time.

XO -Julia

Thanks for reading! All photos taken by photographer and engineer Giuseppe Ottaviano.
Find my live updates on Instagram and TwitterThese opinions are all my own.


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