A Sci-Fi Scene in Switzerland

August 21, 2016

On a recent trip touring parts of France and Switzerland, I came across the most wonderful place. The beautiful and completely unassuming village of Gruyères. This 400 year old city is mostly known for it's delicious cheese, but is also the birthplace of Swiss Science Fiction artist and designer, H.R. Giger. You have probably seen his work if you have every watched one of the most epic films of all-time, Alien. (If not, please go rent or stream it immediately.)

Gruyères was basically like opening the first page of a fairytale. This is a peek at the castle, Château de Gruyères.

The entire village. 

First entrance to the museum sits at the far edge of town

Even though the place itself felt very much like a fairytale with a happy ending, walking into the entrance of the Giger legacy turned the scene quickly from fairytale into an exciting nightmare.

It's unfortunate that I could not include photos of the museum itself as they are not allowed and I wanted to respect that rule, however the Giger Bar allows anyone a glimpse at the style and intricacies of the interior. Enjoying a quick cappuccino here felt like I was in an Alien ship about to take off into outer-space.

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