March 5, 2017

Snapchat Spectacles to See Hawaii through a Whole New Lens

First of all, sorry I haven't posted in like forever. I've been running around as more of a madwoman than a blogger as I've recently switched design projects. (Stay tuned for more details on that). Amidst my chaos, my lovely boyfriend noticed my angst and invited me to Hawaii for my birthday. Whereas I also decide this leisurely vacation would be the best place to give the Snapchat Specs a test run.

Literally a test run, actually as I wore them running everyday. Here is why Snapchat Spectacles are working. Really working.

1. They look and feel like regular sunglasses. This is important for the wearer to feel as comfortable as the people around them. By removing the 'camera', people are naturally their authentic selves which leads to a better video playback quality.

2. Sooo easy to use - a quick and successful bluetooth connection takes just a minute.

3. Hands free recording lets you enjoy any activity without bothering with a camera. Just push a button and check your snap feed.

This last point is especially important for me as an artist and active person. I often go for runs or hikes in beautiful areas, trips out to the ocean, etc. and taking out the camera can be burdensome when you are in the middle of an activity. The specs are a fun and cheaper way to capture memories in just an instant.

In conclusion, I recommend you purchase a pair immediately. Snap Specs show that there is still hope for wearables again after all.

Happy snapping.

XO - Julia

December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas from Technically Sweet! (BONUS Tips to Prevent Overpacking for Holiday Travel)

Hope you all find yourself somewhere nice for the holidays. This year, my family celebrated in Texas where I found myself trapped in many rain showers! Thank goodness I brought this hat.

Stella Printed Shift Dress shown here is on sale from Free People 

Where are you heading this holiday season? If you're leaving town and not sure what to pack, here are a couple of great curating packing tips I found on Pinterest. I for one, am always guilty of being overly-prepared which inevitably leads to overpacking. Check out these great links to prevent it this year:


Wherever you end up and however you celebrate I hope it's amazing (and that your baggage is light)!

Merry Christmas.
XOXO Julia & Lukas

November 24, 2016

The Last of Fall - Friendsgiving Outfit and the only Wearables to Consider before Black Friday

This year I have a lot to be thankful for. I live in a city wear diversity is not only accepted, it is celebrated. I'm spending my Thanksgiving with friends from all over the world, whose first languages are not English, and who I can learn from and laugh with and nationality and religion and race simply do not matter. This Thanksgiving, this 'Friendsgiving', I really pray that the rest of the world can soon forgive each other their differences and instead, celebrate one another as an opportunity to grow and develop as a human race. That's what Thanksgiving is really about anyways right? It's not so much about a good harvest and eating, but it's really an ode to this season of togetherness

Anyways, this is what is going through my mind as I sit down for coffee from my favorite place in the Sunset (AndyTown Coffee Roasters). Now, if you're wondering what to wear to a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Holiday - here are a few ideas:  

Wear something loose and comfortable like this floral romper with long sleeves. Here is one that I've been eyeballing recently and it just went on sale.

Keep jewelry simple with a statement necklace - this one (you can find it here) is my good luck charm.

The only wearables I'd recommend you gift this year... I like the Apple Watch Sport and Bella Beat Leaf for two different reasons. The Apple Watch Sport is a great way to keep track of the time, weather, and incoming phone calls without always carrying around your phone. And the Bella Beat Leaf is the only activity tracker that is cute enough to pair with any outfit. 

Add accessories like fall booties and a hat to polish of a look.

If it's chilly you can also throw on a jacket. This military-style lightweight cover will go with anything.

October 29, 2016

Playstation® VR is the Most Comfortable (and Frightening) Way to Leave Your World Behind

A couple of weeks ago I tried out Playstation's latest Virtual Reality headset for PS4. The headset itself was lightweight and extremely comfortable! Bravo guys - finally something I don't mind wearing.

That being said, it is very clear that the headset was not designed for someone with a lot of hair. As you can see in this photo below, any hairstyle is doomed to be pressed and flattened down, and it's also quite painful when a few flyaway strands get stuck in the headset's plastic casing.

The set itself came with Playstations® signature wands, that look pretty silly and are not the best tools for manipulating virtual objects. This will take some getting-used to.

I moved through all of the demo games, some of them requiring these little balloon wands and others needing the dualshock® control. It was really a new and incredible way to game. A full 360 degree playing experience quickly became addictive as I was completely immersed in a virtual world.

Some of the games were really cute and playful, a few of the demos spun like movie reels where you could sit back and watch, and others allowed you to move through the game and manipulate objects or interact with characters. 

It was all fun and games however, until I came to something called "The Kitchen". This was a secret demo to advertise the latest Resident Evil VR experience, but also one of the more virtually terrifying experiences of my life. 

As you sit to watch the demo, your characteris tied to a chair, completely weaponless, helpless and able to only shake tied hands up and down. These are pictures from the way an outside person might watch you play, but inside the VR game it is a completely realistic and terrifying experience. A bit borderline in terms of acceptable in my opinion. 

About 7 minutes in, I had to drop the controller and tear my headset off, extremely nervous that any further gameplay would actually harm my life (or at least give me unrecoverable nightmares).