A Sparkle in the Sky - are Drones the New Selfie Stick?

August 8, 2018

This blogger thinks so.

Without anyone to take pictures of you in a beautiful environment, or wearing a cute outfit - the only alternative offered to us is a whacky plastic stick. There are many things wrong with selfie sticks, but among those the worst is the stick gets in the way of the photo, and you still can't cover much area.

Now, I think I've discovered a solution with one of the smallest drones from DJI: "The Spark": Selfie Drone. Yep, they actually call it the selfie drone on their website.

Here, I wanted to capture myself within this beautiful beachy environment. Mission accomplished, although I'm still getting the hang of flying in high winds so the video is not perfect yet. 

I also want to stop pestering my husband to take photos of new outfit ideas I'm trying out, so use it for those instances as well.

So far, the process has been more fun than anything - however the drone is loud and typically still freaks people out if you fly it too close to them. Overall, I really like hanging out with my drone - and as with any robot, I think this one has a bit of personality to it. I named it Sparkle, and you'll be seeing more adventures we go on very soon.



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