Happy Easter from Technically Sweet & DIY 3D-Printed Cookie Cutters

March 27, 2016

The perfect Easter cookie shape - keep reading to find out how to make your own

You know that feeling when you are dreaming of the perfect cookie shape, but can't find a cutter to match your vision? Easter is always tricky especially because most of the cookie cutter options are egg-shaped and completely lacking imagination.

Instagram Goes Analog & Spring Outfit Staples

March 12, 2016

So far this Spring season has brought on so much rain in the city of San Francisco, that when the sun finally does come out, everyone rushes outside to enjoy it. The last sunny weekend here, I found myself in Dolores Park, among a sea of swimsuits, chilled drinks, and just about every other person in town. 

For entertainment away from electronics, (well... some) I brought along a portable electronic printer to play with and share Instagram photos off the screen. 

Only takes a few seconds to print out any photo

The Polaroid 2x3 inkjet printer uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  to send print pics right from your phone. It also has fun features like encrypting secret messages with Quick Response (QR) code stickers printed right on top.
Shhhh - there is a secret message in this pic. 

 The printer is even smaller than my iPhone.

Seeing what my romper looks like on via prints

The Zip Printer comes in teal (to match the romper maybe??) and white - which one is your favorite color?

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