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February 28, 2015

Wednesday night myself and a few other ladies we were so lucky to speak at Fashion-Tech week, hosted by ThreadFlip downtown in the lofty spaces of the Dogpatch district.

The event was part of an ongoing conversation and meetup called SHETALKS Forum, which is an industry networking and event series focused on enrichment, empowerment and success strategies by and for women in professional contexts.

The crowd was dutifully decked out in their dress-to-kill nerd chic ensembles, tech gear in-hand.

Leslie Fong, Brand Manager of Threadflip pinged Amy (A Fashion Nerd), Alysa (XOXO Alysa) and myself with questions about fashion, technology, and everything in between. Leslie was lovely and very passionate about some upcoming excitments within the small team at Threadflip. Check out their awesome site and sustainable way to buy and sell clothes here on their website.

Leslie: Why did you start style blogging?

Me: At first I was just consistently micro-blogging about tech that I was into, but started to notice a new and interesting following that consisted of fashion-conscious women. They really didn't care so much about the technology that I was talking about, but were really interested in what I was wearing. So I thought...maybe if I can reach out using fashion as a tool, they will listen more about the technology I really want to talk about. (PS - so far it's working.)

I'm inspired both by Amy and Alyssa, who like me believe that hard work, alongside doing what you love and never giving up on anything is the key to happiness and success.

Leslie: How would you describe fashion in San Francisco?

Me: I see the bay area as the anti-fashion, which is what makes it unique in itself. After hearing about Mark Zuckerberg's belief that deciding what to wear every day is a waste of brain power and observing the rise of Betabrand's suit onesie (for a laugh take a peek at it here), I'm hoping we can step up our game by bridging technology and fashion together and start to alter that mindset and create something note-worthy.

I think these fashionistas agree.

New bffs.

Next up were 3 accomplished women to talk about fashion tech from a different perspective. Leah Hunter, writer for Fast Company, Jill Fraser CEO of Jill Milan, and Meghan Cast, VP of Marketing for Threadflip.

(From right to left: Leah Hunter, Jill Fraser, and Meghan Cast)

Kicking off San Francisco's Fashion-Tech Week with a Perforated Outfit

February 24, 2015

This is San Francisco's 5th year of Fashion-Tech Week. Unlike NYC, the fashion scene out here on the west coast sways farther from style and closer to technology. I'm really excited to listen to some amazing panel discussions and see what creatives around the area are dreaming up in the world of wearable functionality and technically fashionable concoctions.

In honor of kicking of this exciting week, I'm wearing this dress by Mystic and wearing the red shoes that I mentioned in a previous post (here). The perforations like these in the shoes and dress wouldn't be possible without laser cutters to get through the thick woven fabric and leather material and give it this unique design quality. Photo shoot by the Golden Gate Bridge below taken by Andrew Zhou.

One of the things I love about this dress is that it moves with the wind and flows beautifully.

Ladies Who Brunch and a Little Shoe Tech to Get There

February 21, 2015

Who is ready for the weekend? I'm already thinking about the eggs benedict from Kitchen Story Cafe, and I have to recommend them here. Probably the best brunch I've had in a while, and what better way to spend breakfast than with a group of sweet and stylish girlfriends?!  

My brunching outfit usually involves being somewhat stylishly comfortable, and I have recently fallen in love with these 'Mandie' (no not Maddy) Perforated Pointy Toe Pumps whose little perforations in the top make for comfortable, breathable city walks.

Mimosas anyone? 

A few beautifully presented and delicious dishes to try next time you're in the area: french toast and eggs benedict with the chicken sausage.

Happy brunching!

-XO Julia

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Geometry on the Embarcadero

February 15, 2015

The Embarcadero in San Francisco is stunningly beautiful with patterns and lines that make up the more holistic architecture we get to appreciate and use every day. This got me thinking about a few things that I really notice in these architectural and sculptural pieces that I wanted to duplicate in both fashion and in my design work. These are the bold geometric patterns used to stabilize the structures, the flow of subtle movement in perfect lines, and brilliant colors that reflect and surface from them.

  Patterns                              Movement                               Color

I discovered this shift dress (by Donna Morgan) that really brought out a similar feeling in design. The juxtaposition of orangish red against any blue was brilliant...

...and the way the jersey material gave into the patterns moved with my body for a natural flow of movement rather than against it.

What better way to display the contrast than with the simple structure SF Fire department officials and their blue uniforms?

Color is so fun and an important part of personal style. What is your favorite color or pattern and would it work to wear it or simply to build it into something structurally useful?

Would love to hear about it.

-XO Julia

Disproving Murphey's Law ... by Wearing White all Day

February 10, 2015

I have to start this post with a quote from my friend Maddy (who cracks me up) but I couldn't have told the story better:

"Isn’t it fun when your friends become friends, and you can all be friends, and go do friend things like get coffee or ice cream or go to the beach or pretend to bike around your office campus because your friend’s friend just started working at the same place you’re working and you can finally get lunch and take outfit photos all at the same time?" -

These campus bikes are so colorful we thought they'd make for a great photo shoot prop, not to mention assist in my theory. 

I really like wearing white. It goes with any other color and leaves me feeling fresh and ready for spring. However...I am admittedly terrified that I will inevitably spill something, as I'm not known to be the most graceful person in the world. 

But sometimes you have to take the big risks in order to go after something you love, and I in fact made it an entire day without a single mark on these lovely pants. If Murphy's Law still aims to hold it's pessimistic view over the universe, I have proven it wrong. Biking, hanging out in the "woods" (and all in high heels I'll add!) while coming out white for another day is something to remark at.
I do realize this law holds closer to laws of thermodynamics than it does the laws of fashion...but that's not my point. It is simply this: Be Optimistic. Be brave. Wear white to work. 

-XO Julia

Light Up the Night with LED Barrettes

February 6, 2015

LED accessories are making a comeback to brighten up your day-to-night looks. Click here to read more about how Marc-by-Marc Jacobs and other designers are really bringing this trend to life.

These LED Hair Barettes are undergoing improvements, but will be out for release soon!

- XO Julia

Nerdy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day is coming up and even if you're not big on the holiday, here's a few nerdy ideas to put a sparkle in your special someone's eye. And fellas, even if we say we're not big on the holiday that doesn't mean we're opposed to a little something... hint hint, nudge nudge, wink...



Warby Parker Opens Store San Francisco...and it Looks like a Library - Remember Those?

February 4, 2015

Warby Parker announced it's new store opening back in December, until that huge flood spoiled the date! It was well worth the wait, as they officially kicked off the store's fabulous opening in San Francisco's Haye's Valley. This was a lesson in retail at it's finest - as the entire store felt like a trip back in time where there wasn't technology, only books and glasses to help you read them.

The store served up drinks and hor du vours from Nopalito and encouraged guests to try on all of the glasses. Was such a blast! Here's a sneak peek into the store. Images taken from Google Maps and photos of me taken by Owen Geronimo.

Kacey Tess Creates her own Brain Food Inspired by a Little Nerd Chic

February 1, 2015

Foodie and healthy chef extraordinaire Kacey Tess was inspired by my street style and created a recipe to match! Fluffy winter hood and bright colors match her colorful healthy dinner recipe of Cauliflower Curry. Find details and recipe by clicking here.

Here's a better shot of the colorful ballet flats and polka-dot socks

Hope you get a chance to try out some colorful clothes as we approach spring, or at least some colorful veggies!

- XO Julia

Thanks for reading! The content and opinions are all my own and may contain affiliate links. Find live updates on my Instagram and Twitter.

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