Disproving Murphey's Law ... by Wearing White all Day

February 10, 2015

I have to start this post with a quote from my friend Maddy (who cracks me up) but I couldn't have told the story better:

"Isn’t it fun when your friends become friends, and you can all be friends, and go do friend things like get coffee or ice cream or go to the beach or pretend to bike around your office campus because your friend’s friend just started working at the same place you’re working and you can finally get lunch and take outfit photos all at the same time?" - MadelineBlogs.com

These campus bikes are so colorful we thought they'd make for a great photo shoot prop, not to mention assist in my theory. 

I really like wearing white. It goes with any other color and leaves me feeling fresh and ready for spring. However...I am admittedly terrified that I will inevitably spill something, as I'm not known to be the most graceful person in the world. 

But sometimes you have to take the big risks in order to go after something you love, and I in fact made it an entire day without a single mark on these lovely pants. If Murphy's Law still aims to hold it's pessimistic view over the universe, I have proven it wrong. Biking, hanging out in the "woods" (and all in high heels I'll add!) while coming out white for another day is something to remark at.
I do realize this law holds closer to laws of thermodynamics than it does the laws of fashion...but that's not my point. It is simply this: Be Optimistic. Be brave. Wear white to work. 

-XO Julia

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