Warby Parker Opens Store San Francisco...and it Looks like a Library - Remember Those?

February 4, 2015

Warby Parker announced it's new store opening back in December, until that huge flood spoiled the date! It was well worth the wait, as they officially kicked off the store's fabulous opening in San Francisco's Haye's Valley. This was a lesson in retail at it's finest - as the entire store felt like a trip back in time where there wasn't technology, only books and glasses to help you read them.

The store served up drinks and hor du vours from Nopalito and encouraged guests to try on all of the glasses. Was such a blast! Here's a sneak peek into the store. Images taken from Google Maps and photos of me taken by Owen Geronimo.

Some of the goodies passed out (books, library bags...) were these cute little post cards, pre-stamped. I've never been somewhere that was completely so devoid of tech! Watch out, one may be coming your way ;)

Stop by soon to experience it yourself, if not for the cute and affordable frames, but to see the store design - it's incredible!

-XO Julia

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