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February 28, 2015

Wednesday night myself and a few other ladies we were so lucky to speak at Fashion-Tech week, hosted by ThreadFlip downtown in the lofty spaces of the Dogpatch district.

The event was part of an ongoing conversation and meetup called SHETALKS Forum, which is an industry networking and event series focused on enrichment, empowerment and success strategies by and for women in professional contexts.

The crowd was dutifully decked out in their dress-to-kill nerd chic ensembles, tech gear in-hand.

Leslie Fong, Brand Manager of Threadflip pinged Amy (A Fashion Nerd), Alysa (XOXO Alysa) and myself with questions about fashion, technology, and everything in between. Leslie was lovely and very passionate about some upcoming excitments within the small team at Threadflip. Check out their awesome site and sustainable way to buy and sell clothes here on their website.

Leslie: Why did you start style blogging?

Me: At first I was just consistently micro-blogging about tech that I was into, but started to notice a new and interesting following that consisted of fashion-conscious women. They really didn't care so much about the technology that I was talking about, but were really interested in what I was wearing. So I thought...maybe if I can reach out using fashion as a tool, they will listen more about the technology I really want to talk about. (PS - so far it's working.)

I'm inspired both by Amy and Alyssa, who like me believe that hard work, alongside doing what you love and never giving up on anything is the key to happiness and success.

Leslie: How would you describe fashion in San Francisco?

Me: I see the bay area as the anti-fashion, which is what makes it unique in itself. After hearing about Mark Zuckerberg's belief that deciding what to wear every day is a waste of brain power and observing the rise of Betabrand's suit onesie (for a laugh take a peek at it here), I'm hoping we can step up our game by bridging technology and fashion together and start to alter that mindset and create something note-worthy.

I think these fashionistas agree.

New bffs.

Next up were 3 accomplished women to talk about fashion tech from a different perspective. Leah Hunter, writer for Fast Company, Jill Fraser CEO of Jill Milan, and Meghan Cast, VP of Marketing for Threadflip.

(From right to left: Leah Hunter, Jill Fraser, and Meghan Cast)

This team of super-women talked to us about overcoming barriers, the difference between fashion, technology, men and women, and offered great advice along the way.

"Yes, this is a 1950's prom dress." Leah hunter is my new favorite person, who clearly doesn't give a f** about what anyone thinks and knows herself inside and out.

After the panel there was plenty of mingling including trying on some jean jackets by the creative Joanne Mullin,  who takes cast away clothes and turns them into something fresh and unique. Please check out her website here, and find something you like to encourage sustainability via cute outfits!

I want to give a quick shoutout to Room Service, who catered the drinks for the event. I'm exited to watch this startup blow up around the bay area as their primary service is to deliver alcohol to your front door.  Cheers to that!

Thanks so much to everyone for coming out, looking forward to some future collaborations!

Also a big thanks to Owen Geronimo and the folks at FashionTechPR for putting everything together, and to Andrew Zhou for taking the photos!

See you next time.

XO Julia

Thanks for reading! All photos taken by local photographer, Andrew Zhou whom I'd highly recommend for all of your photography needs. Follow his Instagram here.Find live updates on my Instagram and TwitterThese opinions are all my own. 

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