Geometry on the Embarcadero

February 15, 2015

The Embarcadero in San Francisco is stunningly beautiful with patterns and lines that make up the more holistic architecture we get to appreciate and use every day. This got me thinking about a few things that I really notice in these architectural and sculptural pieces that I wanted to duplicate in both fashion and in my design work. These are the bold geometric patterns used to stabilize the structures, the flow of subtle movement in perfect lines, and brilliant colors that reflect and surface from them.

  Patterns                              Movement                               Color

I discovered this shift dress (by Donna Morgan) that really brought out a similar feeling in design. The juxtaposition of orangish red against any blue was brilliant...

...and the way the jersey material gave into the patterns moved with my body for a natural flow of movement rather than against it.

What better way to display the contrast than with the simple structure SF Fire department officials and their blue uniforms?

Color is so fun and an important part of personal style. What is your favorite color or pattern and would it work to wear it or simply to build it into something structurally useful?

Would love to hear about it.

-XO Julia

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