Godzilla is Taking Over Fashion in San Francisco! Oh wait...That's Just Betabrand: A Day with Fashion Tech Store Betabrand: Part 2

November 7, 2014

What is more terrifying than Godzilla you ask? The hoodie+jean+sneakers combo seeping into the Bay Area and identifying itself as the new 'business casual'. Someone help!

[Me screaming] ...oh, wait where'd you come from Chris Lindland? Help has arrived in the form of CEO and Founder of Betabrand. Or has it...

I wouldn't call it high fashion, but at least it is something unique to Northern California, and I am more than a little intrigued by a brand that has helped fashion and technology merge through crowd-sourcing and innovation rather than circuit boards.

Retailers are now their own brands, and social networks are powerful online commerce platforms. Chris has discovered that it's sink or swim in this reality and has wisely embraced it.

Embraced it with an additional sense of humor, that is. There are definitely a few products that have made me laugh and brought me to the store this week. "Shhh...that has been my plan all along" Lindlund explains how a little humor brings folks in to walk out with more "practical" items, like the yoga pants cleverly disguised as work slacks.

Shhh..your secret is safe with us, Chris.
Also practical, are the new take on corduroys that kicked Betabrand off four years ago. "Cordarounds", are the same comfortable pants we all know and love but with the usual corduroy pattern moving horizontally across the let rather than up and down vertically. There is some out-of-the-box thinking.

No, not courdaroys...these are cordarounds.
Forget practical for me however, I am  most excited about the shiny material patented as "disconium" that caught my eye during San Francisco's fashion week, where local designers got together to begin establishing some stylistic framework. (Confused about seeing San Francisco and Fashion in the same sentence? See more on that here).

Don't want to wear a suit and tie yet? Maybe start with a DISCO suit and tie.
Sci-Fi <3. 
Materials and prototypes start in the local Betabrand Design Center.

Even the 84 year old deer is trying to bring bow-ties back into trend.

Here you can get a start on your holiday shopping because in retail-land Christmas cometh early, and at Betabrand, Santa is back with a vengeance. Literally.

Yes, there is a computer game for this (lolz). Play it here immediately for  hours of entertainment and store discounts.
So scout out some fashionable favorites to help friends out of their hoodie and jeans, and transition slowly into something a little more dapper. Start with some disco suiting, or vote for one of these innovative crowd-funded designs:

Another personal favorite...the Germinator Transit Jacket, for protection on public transportation against nasty winter viruses.

Looking forward to the release of the jacket (let us know when it will be available in a size small, Chris).

These opinions are all my own, and after checking out the store I definitely know what I'm wearing for New Years. Sci-Fi inspired Disco Party Dress one thing to check off my Holiday shopping list!

Model Citizen

You can find the store in the heart of the Mission District at 780 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110

See you there!

XO - Julia


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