Thanksgiving Road Trip

November 26, 2014

This Thanksgiving, we intended to head to the East Coast, but plans were foiled by a lingering flu. Instead we stayed in California, driving a few hours north from San Francisco to Mt. Shasta.

I have lived in California for almost five years now, yet have never been to an In-N-Out Burger. Mainly because I don't eat much eat much fast food...but what a better time to try it out, than on a road trip.

A little about In-N-Out:
They have their own butcher line. They make sure their beef patties are fresh. They make them themselves and deliver them to the stores. They bake their own buns. The fries are handcut, and everything is made to order. They also treat their employees incredibly well. If you're a part-time worker today you make $10 an hour. And store managers that meet their goals, the company takes them on first-class trips abroad to Europe, Caribbean cruises. They're very generous.*

Hmm first bite into a double cheese something.

Ok, yeah its really good.

Better with fries in combination.

What are your plans for the holidays? If you're heading out of town, be sure to wear lots of layers and comfy shoes like these Converse (find for a good deal here) ...and don't forget a little ethical fast food on the way.

-XO Julia

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  1. Love your shirt! It fits the converse sneakers more than well. And you have really beautiful eyes!
    Look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Katarina x


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