Listen Up! The Biggest Trend for Your Hearing

January 16, 2016

Happy (slightly belated) New Year everyone! Sorry for keeping you out of the loop for so long, I've been too busy playing with my new favorite gadgets to remember to write about them. This pair of headphones is at the very top of my list so I can't wait to tell you about them here.

So to preface this, a little story. My brother married an audiologist, Wendy Framel, whom I adore, and which also means that whenever we get together, I am constantly reminded to take care of my hearing. "No loud concerts without proper ear plugs! Keep music down low in headphones, and never, ever, wear white ear buds again".

Preserving your hearing is the equivalent of saving up for retirement. You wont see changes right away, but it is a long-term investment for your future self (and you will thank you later!) Remember, you might not be thinking about them every second of the day, but sound is one of the greatest gifts we often take for granted.

So the trick, Wendy explains, is to purchase a higher-quality, longer-lasting pair as an investment for both your hearing and your wallet. With just a single step above the white ear buds that come with your smart phone, the quality overpowers the need to increase the volume, which damages the inner ear. And remember...

"You never get it back." 

So I've gone ahead and done the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Hear (oops, I mean here ;) is the best pair of headphones in the world. The Parrot Zik 2.0 - (side note: I much prefer the orange or white color but I found these at a discount price, so am totally fine with black.) 

Parrot Zik 2.0 designed by Philippe Starke who claims to have designed the world's most advanced pari of headphones
A few fun feature highlights:
  • Accompanying App to control sound
  • Concert hall effect (this is amazing for any song, from EDM to Classical)
  • Adaptive Noise Control 
    • When I play with this feature I feel like I've got super powers. I can either turn up the noise around me (great for running in the street with cars around) or shut out outside noise completely, and immerse myself in complete, music or silent isolation.
  • Text-to-Speech caller ID (this is helpful to keep you from phone distractions)
  • Presence sensor (Automatically shuts off music when you remove headphones)
Designed by Philippe Starck, one of my favorite product designers, who reminds us that "Less is always more.." these were a worthy investment and I can't seem to take them off! I've found audio books to be more enjoyable, and the wireless freedom lets me roam around the office or house without my phone constantly in tow. 

A little windy outside, so switching to noise-cancelling mode to enjoy good music and the sunset.
So remember, even if you find a pair of headphones only a little bit above the quality of those white-ear buds, you will benefit from the long term effects. 

Signing off to get back to the tunes... protect yourself while night-running by wearing reflective gear and headphones that allow you to hear street-noise. 
I hope you find a style and fit that is right for you, and if so - please tell me about it immediately!

XO Julia

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