How I Found a Little Good Luck in Chinatown Today & the Importance of Form and Function

November 9, 2014

If you wake up one morning, and you have an inordinate amount of clothes in the closet, but nothing that matches.. what do you do? Try a jumpsuit! Its a quick and easy staple to have on hand for a look that is comfortable, fast, and chic. For an easy weekend look, add some pointed toe flats, grab a reusable shopping bag and you're ready for anything from day to night. For a more professional look, just add heels and upgrade your tote...but don't forget that perfect accessory.

Personally, I'm loving jumpsuits such as this one by Trina Turk; which is flattering for any body-type and even has a subtle touch of detail, like this cut out in the back.

I started my accessories off with over-sized frames, and colorful earrings. These flats make for a fast walk anywhere downtown. I headed out in search of a more useful accessory. Maybe something techie, maybe not...the most important thing to me is beautiful form with some helpful functionality as well.

I headed to Chinatown first.

The dragon whispered a secret in my ear, and I knew exactly where to go.

Chinatown is much bigger than you'd expect, and it is growing every year!

My find of the day was this beautiful Jade bangle. (You can also see the detail on the front of the jumpsuit that hangs softly without being too tight.)

The Chinese shop owner sang praises of jade and how it is made of 30 mineral elements including magnesium, iron, oxygen and calcium - elements that are all beneficial to the human body. Jade increases circulation, is good for kidney function and improves qi. On top of this, and probably most importantly, Jade dispels any bad luck. 

No need to have my fortune read now, I know that good luck will find me. If you want to wear jewelry that encompasses function as well as a beautiful form, (without any unnecessary Bluetooth features) hang a green Jade bangle on your wrist. Just be sure to wear it on the left, as it is closer to your heart that way. <3

All Jade is different and unique in color and size, so if you find yours, let me know which one you chose! Will be fun to compare our favorites.

XO -Julia


  1. Love the look and all the photos! Looks like a lovely adventure!

    xx, Kelly


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