A Space Epic Begins with a Makeover - What to Wear in Outer Space, Science Fiction vs Reality

November 24, 2014

Recently, NASA invited me to come view and blog about the first launch of Orion, which is a spacecraft intended to carry up to 4 astronauts to destinations beyond Earth's orbit. Orion will be the first ship to bring human exploration to Mars and asteroids beyond anywhere we've ever been! It is scheduled to be launched aboard a Delta IV Heavy rocket on December 4, 2014, assuming all goes well...they tell me this has been a work in progress for over ten years and that anything could still go wrong. Regardless, I am forever optimistic, and so excited to learn about the technologies first hand from the scientists that create them.

As thrilled as I am to learn about the spacecraft and what they think lies beyond our orbit, (aliens probably) I am mostly excited to learn about the deep space fashion-technology that is undergoing development, and can't wait to blog about it here. So far, I've been impressed by Dava Newman's thoughts on space-wear.

This is the only outfit I've seen so far that looks good with Google Glass
Dava Newman from MIT on right speaking about electrospun materials
Newman’s research has included the development of a radical new spacesuit design that is tighter-fitting and would afford much greater mobility and lighter weight than today’s bulky suits.* See her in action here when you have a few minutes and hear about her thoughts on why it's so important for us to travel to and explore Mars, and why astronauts can't be hindered with bulky spacesuits.

This movement towards lighter, tighter bio-based material naturally has my mind spinning towards Science Fiction. Here is a list of my 5 favorite Sci-Fi movies of all time, and the heroine characters with beautiful costumes that made them noteworthy.

#5. The Androids of Blade Runner

Pris (on left) whose makeup was inspired by the original vampire, Nosferatu
Rachel with an Elegant Space-Age Wardrobe

#4: Gamora and Nova Prime from Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora in snug-fitting spacewear
Classy collars and fantastic futuristic hair

#3: The Ladies of Tron

Quorra and Gem with LED stripes and thier identity disc holders on the back of the outfits

#2: Vickers and Shaw of Prometheus - Meredeth Vickers vs Elizabeth Shaw

(This hibiscus orange against dark blue above provides such a striking and amazing contrast - I tried it out here on myself for a paper drone test launch)

#1: Alien's Space Princess - Ripley

Probably my favorite movie of all time, you'll notice how the director, Ridley Scott, sets every single frame of every scene up as if it could be a beautiful photograph. Watch it again and you'll see what I mean. To me, Ellen Ripley will forever reign as the princess of space exploration.

Metallic Space Boots!

In tribute to the launch of Orion and the excitment of what we can learn from the deep reaches of outer space, I've changed my look to space chic with a cyberpunk edge. Preview pics from my phone here..

Mid-cut at Revamp (amazing cut by Megan)

New color and length

Space travel is quite controversial, do you think we'll find answers to life on Mars or is it all just ideas taken from our favorite authors and directors of science fiction? Let me know here or on social media. - Instagram or Twitter -

Have a great Monday everyone.

- XO Julia

References *http://bit.ly/1CwGTho

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