Can You Withstand a Digital Detox? Wearable Style Profile - New Electronic Jewelry by Kovert Designs Poses a New Challenge

November 14, 2014

There is something new coming this month. A line of jewelry embedded with bluetooth is not new to the fashion-tech scene, however, this unique form from Kovert is starting to get closer to a fashion-forward approach. Created with special materials that go a step beyond any cheap looking gadgetry we've seen in the past, these designs are something worth keeping an eye out for.

Recently, I interviewed Kovert Designs, led by Kate Unsworth about the upcoming release. If anyone understands Nerd Chic, it's Kate, who is a dedicated fashionista and describes herself as a geek-at-heart. She, with cofounders Dan Moller (COO) and Fabio Pania (CTO), have designed the latest in the fashion-tech wearable market.

Similar to that of Ringly and other smart wearable devices, the group explains the functionality of these rings will connect to your phone and give you an alert every time you receive a notification.

The purpose, or rather true intent is meant for these unique pieces to symbolize a reminder of mindfulness. 

Kate explains, "for ‘normal’ people, concerns have been mounting for some time over the intrusion of technology into the joys and beauty of the real world. Trend forecasting agencies are writing about

            •  Digital Detoxing

            •  Notification Nausea

            •  Murdered by Modernity

            •  The Quiet Internet

            •  Mindfulness

            •  and Casual Connectivity 

These trends cry out for devices making technology less intrusive, not more. Ever- present, yes, but not always craving their user’s attention. We believe technology should know when not to disturb, so you can keep your smartphone out of sight and crucially, out of mind."

The company has created a challenge to join an exclusive group (a.k.a. an electronic subscription) that reminds and challenges you a 'tribe' of people, to practice self control against reaching for a phone 150 times or more a day. Are you up for the challenge?

I'm not sure that I personally will be able to withstand the notification ping without a curious glance as to what the notification is about, but I do like the idea of it. The ring, necklace, and bracelet designs more than any other wearable I've seen yet. Here are a few examples of what you can expect to see come to market:

Available later this month, the rings will be sold here and on Net-a-Porter. You can also apply to be a member of the Kovert Tribe, and get more alerts to try the digital detox challenge for yourself!

Have a great weekend everyone, and even without a wearable device, try turning your phone off for just an hour this weekend and step outside instead. Look around and try to appreciate something that you otherwise may not have experienced, and traded in for glancing at your phone, tablet, television, or laptop screen. Let me know if you made it the full hour! I'm curious to hear.

XO -Julia


  1. Not sure if my last comment disappeared...anyway, I was surprised to see you talk about wearables in the context of a digital detox, because I would argue that wearables make notifications even more invasive. Perhaps you've heard of the studies that show we get the dopamine hit seeing a new thing in our email, even if email is not associated with pleasure--it's merely the newness that does it.

    As a sidenote, I might think about doing an outline of your posts before you write, to help you organize your thoughts a bit....

  2. Hi Nate, thanks for helping prove my theory that people skim rather than read through these posts haha (as they do most everywhere else online). This company aims to differentiate itself through their digital detox idealisms, and as I mentioned above "I'm not sure that I personally will be able to withstand the notification ping without a curious glance as to what the notification is about, but I do like the idea of a [digital detox]".

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