A Tale of Two Weddings - Part I

September 12, 2018

Julia Framel is now Julia Peter. There is something to be said about feeling so surrounded by technology all of the time that it's important to look up for those special moments. This was the first of two.

Since my husband is from Europe, and all of his friends and family are so far away, we decided to have two weddings. A smaller, legal signing and party in Switzerland, and then a larger affair with more people in Napa, California. This meant that I could have my wedding cake and eat it too!

First, my dreamy winter wedding where we were surrounded by chilly, snowy weather outside, and then had a warm, modern setting inside a classic Swiss courthouse.

Our friends and family surprised us by all showing up, cheering us on. We were also featured in the newspaper! Everything was written in German, but it was a beautiful story about how we met, and how Lukas proposed in an Italian cave before driving me through the Italian countryside and the amazing days that followed, all leading up to this event. 

The biggest surprise was when Lukas' mother surprised us with a horse and carriage ride. I felt like the princesses I'd admired in my books as a little girl. Just pinch me! 

The tour ended here where we had our party at a beautiful hotel that we could only get to by riding from this station to the top of the hill in little electric carts.

Lukas and I met over a competitive match of Tennis so his parents set the table up with these cute little decorations.

Lukas friends / photographer acting silly as he and his girlfriend took all these pics - check them out here! https://www.instagram.com/leandracristianphotography/

Europeans have different wedding traditions...this was my favorite game.

Now I cant wait to go back and see everyone and the Swiss countryside again during Christmas. 

XO Julia

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