January 12, 2014

Wearables are something I am very interested in. Not because there are any that are practical or really useful on the market yet, but because the promise of small, fully automated systems acting as a personal assistant, coach, or spycam is my dream of the future. After receiving an invite to the Google Glass explorer program, I briefly suffered through an internal debate, ‘too pricey...why spend all that on something I can do with my smartphone...they look so stupid!...” I was finally out of excuses and succumbed to the thrill of exclusivity and the dream of using and designing something new.

The basecamp set up was simple: a modern studio in a lofty industrial space, filled with small tables equipped for setup. After accepting the offer of a Perrier, I received a one-on-one fitting and walkthrough session with a glass representative.

Here is my table taken with the glass cam, on the right is the rep helping fit and initiate the process. The best part? To take this pic, all I had to do was wink.

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