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September 24, 2014

Not having lived in San Francisco a full year, the fashion scene in this city is still a mystery to me; waiting to be uncovered beyond basic observations. Prior to attending any San Francisco Fashion Week (SFFW) events this week, I pictured something found in last year's August edition of Vogue (pictured here below).

What will walk down the runway? Possibly a sci-fi meets modern classic story like this one with Google Glass.

So far, it's not entirely what I expected but not completely divergent either. Here is a sneak peek from my experience at the opening reception. A dark setting set the stage for local designers, fashion bloggers, flash tattoos, and a street-style competition.

I've just been handed a pass for an exclusive look at the next series of events, so stay tuned for more on the ones I've attended, and those coming up.


09/23/14 Tues : Fashion Tech Expo 
09/24/14 Weds : Retail Tech Summit 
09/25/14 Thurs : Fashion Bloggers Connect 
09/26/14 Fri : Emerging Designers 
09/27/14 Sat : Ready To Wear / Part 01 
09/28/14 : Sun : Ready To Wear / Part 02 

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