A Bold Move Towards Sustainability...Also a Comfortable One - a Day with Yamstreet

March 11, 2015

Over the weekend, I got to hang out with my good friend and fellow blogger, Maddy, as we met up with Jeffery Betcher of Yamstreet pajama pants. Yamstreet is a bold attempt towards bringing pajamas to the street. Jeffery invited us into a 'street style' pajama pants challenge and I happily accepted knowing it was for a good cause. Yamstreets pajamas may or may not be a fashion statement (you decide) but what they represent to me is a symbol towards local and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The pants are made with quality material and stitching for the durability of denim, but with the coziness of pajamas. They are unbelievably soft and comfy by the way.

I think these pants are a great way to run out of the house for coffee and back without having to change, but I'd probably keep them weekend-exclusive. Check out how Maddy and I recommend wearing them out of the house. I'm sporting a silky pajama top and lightweight down gold jacket from UNIQLO (find it here). With gold sandals that are a stylish accessory to slip on as you're running out the door. Maddy's styling is on her blog here.

I'd highly encourage everyone to back this fun and ethical clothing manufacturer. Read more about Jefferey's project here on Kickstarter. So far they have surpassed their financial goal of 15K to over 18K now (and growing!) and I couldn't be more excited. As Jeffery puts it, this is a "Root to a better world", so let's all get on board and here is to the future of sustainable, local and ethical manufacturing!

-XO Julia

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