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June 2, 2015

Did you know that there’s a Reddit swapping sub-reddit with over 13,000+ users exchanging makeup everyday?  

As massive as the beauty industry has become, women everywhere are still looking for a good deal on quality products, as well as not letting unused items go to waste. Without a platform to run on, these users have created their own beauty marketplace - simply out of demand!

Wouldn't it be nice to have an easier, more secure way to exchange makeup and grow this group even more? Welcome in Dotfully.

Dotfully is striving to become the world’s first free makeup store powered by beauty lovers. Dotfully is among the first beauty destinations where women come together to buy and sell unused beauty products and perfumes from each other without using money.

Instead of using money, Dotfully members can easily sell their new beauty products or once-loved perfumes for Dotfully points.

I met with founder and CEO Mona Zhao over matcha lattes to hear about her passion for beauty and technology.

“The future of shopping is beyond retail and online stores. Consumers can empower each other by sharing their excess and guilt-free shopping can be possible with peer-to-peer marketplaces. We are living in the future, at least in the beauty space, with Dotfully and our members creating the world’s first free makeup store powered by beauty lovers.” - Mona Zhao

She explained how Dotfully points can be then used to buy products you love from other members for free. When you sign up for a free account you're automatically given 250 Dotfully Points ($25 Value).

Here are a few of Mona's favorite products:

The first one is the Snail White Cream from Thailand, it's a cult product there and great for people with oily skin with acne scars. Not too moisturizing but the scar lightening effects are obvious after 6 weeks of usage.

The other one is Tony Moly (Korean brand currently retails at Sephora) BCDation cream, which stands for BB cream + CC cream (same as bb cream but consistency and coverage of a concealer) + Foundation all in one bottle. Currently sold online and in Korea and not at Sephora yet. Sephora is only selling Tony Moly's lotions and lip balms but TM is famous for the BB creams.

Last is an Estee Lauder pressed powder for them fancy ladies out there ^^ It's currently sold at Nordstorm and a member is giving hers away.

As online engagement for beauty exchange is ridiculously high, Mona's user base is growing everyday. Her team hit 2K users just in the past month.

I highly encourage you to try this new beauty exchange, which not only promotes saving money but also promotes a higher level of sustainability as this creates less waste. Visit the site here at

Let me know what you think!

XO Julia

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