The Award for the Best Running Watch (and Overall Wearable Device of the Summer) Goes to...Garmin.

October 16, 2015

I love to run. And yes, for those of you with perplexed looks on your faces right now, yes - I actually look forward to sprinting until I run out of breath and have sweat pouring down my face and into my eyes. Running is an escape, a time to dream up new ideas, to listen to my favorite music or podcasts, and to be outside - rain or shine.

As my mind wanders though, I have a tendency to slow down to a cool, 11:00 minute pace. Not ideal for making any sort of fitness progression. 

I've been searching for the perfect device to keep me on track, something that can take care of my speed motivation so that I can still drift away mentally. 

Meet Garmin's Forerunner 220.

After a summer of renting, buying/returning and testing out different activity trackers I found this to be the best device by far. Even though the display is large, this is actually one of the smallest devices available. It is also the most lightweight, with an easy-to-read display and SUPER long battery life and haptic feedback to keep you on track.

What makes Garmin the best, is that they have their own satellites, capable of near-immediate pace tracking feedback. And yes, while you could use a phone app for this same purpose, nothing even comes close to this type of accuracy.

For those of you who aren't especially tech-savy - this watch is "stupid-simple" to use with only a few large buttons on the side that are clearly marked. You basically just press and go. 

It also offers bluetooth connectivity for sharing your progress with friends and is waterproof enough to withstand a long hot shower afterwards.

And the best part, is that after collecting all of your running data (speed, distance, pace, heart rate, etc.) - Garmin does more than just feed it back to you, they collect it into a database in order to view your progress over time, predicting how you will perform during your next real race.

To be completely honest, even though I loved this watch since it's launch a few months ago - I was reluctant to purchase it. The only colors available were a very masculine red and black design. :P

However, during a recent visit to a local running store, not only did I find it on a huge sale - I found it in purple! Which is quite possibly the reason it was marked down as pointed out by a friend.. nonetheless I prefer this color AND it matches my running shoes. Bonus. 

To all my motivation-seekers: meet your new running watch.

XO Julia

Thanks for reading! All photos taken by blogger and photographer, Maddy Douglass whom I'd highly recommend for all of your lifestyle blogging needs. 
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