100 Years Back to the Future - Why You Should Invest in Fewer, Better Things, and Never Throw Them Out.

February 20, 2016

A couple of months ago, I visited my family in Mt. Shasta California. As I'm currently learning to get better at sewing, I turned to my Aunt who is an amazing seamstress to see if she had any old fabric I could use to practice with. She began to dig around the closet and after finding a few things for sewing eventually pulled out a beautiful white blouse. She explained that it used to belong to my great-grandmother.

Quality clothing never goes out of fashion, and this piece fit me like a dream. It's also really nice to wear something that can be shared in the family and feels sentimental to don. Here are a few photos of it over a white cami and navy shorts.

This fabric is extremely delicate and sheer, just light enough to hint at what is underneath.

The detail on this piece is completely intentional and all parts equally beautiful. 

Hand embroidered lace and gently ribbed front with button closure gives way to an empty and perfect cut of the back, which leads the eye up towards the collar.

The buttons are all inset with faux diamonds that do a great job of sparkling when the light hits just right.

This blouse feels like a journey back in time, and serves as a great reminder that play clothes can be worn often, loved, and handed off to another family member to try on for a time. 

As far as clothing trends coming and going in and out of style - I like to quote one of my favorite music groups, Public Enemy, who just as timelessly said:

"Don't believe the hype." 

Believe instead in yourself, and if you feel like you're comfortable, polished, and having fun in what you're wearing, everyone else will believe it too.

Let me know what great vintage pieces you come across in your own fashion stories! 

XO Julia

Thanks for reading! All photos taken by photographer and engineer Giuseppe Ottaviano.
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