Fly Me to the Moon

April 15, 2015

Yuri's night is a global celebration of humanity's achievements in space, with hundreds of parties and events held around the world each April.

"Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship I marveled at the beauty of our planet. People of the world, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty — not destroy it!"  
— Yuri Gagarin, 1st human in space.

Image by California Academy of the Arts and Sciences
In San Francisco, Yuri's space night is held at California's Academy for the Arts and Sciences. Space Cowboys spun in the DJ booth, spacey drinks like green absinth and something called a Space Goddess were served, and the space was filled with new findings and plans for future space travel.

Space Goddess cocktails
I found it only appropriate to wear something that reminded me not only of futuristic Space Travel, but the isolated dome we were all locked into. This dress was inspired by Jenny Agutter's little number in Logan's Run.

It is a silky shirtdress from Urban Outfitters and paired with an oversized trench coat. The pictures didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped with the harsh lighting, so I've posted a few from the site as well. I accessorized with a gray coated stone necklace from J.Crew, (shopping links below at the bottom of the post).

Views of the rainforest dome and the creatures within - it really was quite beautiful.

As we toured the rainforest, then planetarium, we also learned more about lunar missions and plans for the next moon landing. Groups are competing right now to build the next ship that will successfully land on the moon. Hopefully political agendas won't stifle any of this lunar landing progress...people seem pretty excited for it.

Would you like to travel to the moon? I wonder if more people left the planet they would gain more appreciation for the life and resources within it.

Let me know what you think.

-XO Julia


Similar Dress and look from Urban Outfitters  // here // Necklace // here //


Thanks for reading! Find live updates on Instagram and Twitter.  Photos taken by Rachel Fischbein,
Founder of Law On The Runway. These opinions are all my own, and this post may contain affiliate links. 

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