Lazy Weekend Style...also Preliminary Thoughts about the Apple Watch.

April 17, 2015

Happy Friday! Not a clue what to wear this weekend that is both comfortable and stylish?

Right now I'm a big fan of a single piece romper. The best thing about a romper is true for any single piece clothing item. Rompers are easy. You slip them on, throw on a few accessories, and bam. No matching or pairing or worrying about how a surplus of layers will go together, instead, it's fastest way to look and feel stylish enough for almost any occasion. (This one even has giant pockets that can fit any size phone.)

I picked accessories that matched my coffee and milk. I might call this color toffee.

Sunny days also call for easy hair and your favorite sunglasses.

Any light, simple accessories can be tossed on with a white romper, but what about a giant, wearable device like the Apple Watch? When a phone fits neatly into the pockets, or into a handbag - light and out of sight until needed, I'm racking my mind to think how a giant rectangle on my wrist could enhance this outfit?

There is room on my wrist for a watch below an arm band like this I'll just have to wait and see. I'm on the fence.

Let me back up this skeptical point of view by explaining my 'wearable wrist accessory bag'. This is the bag where all my new devices go to die after I've played with them for about a month or two. It's like a sad electronic graveyard. Out of all the smart watches and fitness bands that I've owned, the watches were the most annoying.

Smart watches are too big, heavy, and hot underneath the display screen...I've also found them completely useless especially when they ping you with a notification that you can't respond to immediately, because the only practical way to reply is with your smart phone :/ . Anyways, I might still get one eventually, play with it for a month or two,  then send it off to the wearable accessory graveyard.

Instead of an Apple Watch, I might recommend stocking up on giant scarves that double as wind breakers when the breeze comes up.

Have a great weekend everyone.

XO Julia

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