How To Make a DIY Wireless Light Necklace for New Year's Eve in 4 Easy Steps

December 26, 2014

Are you ready for a New Year's celebration to remember? Bring 2015 in with light! Why wear just another LBD (little black dress) and plain necklace, when you can spruce up any look with sequins and string of LEDs to be the... light of the party.

Finished Look: LED Neckline on Sequins Party Dress
In this tutorial I'll give you a quick overview on how to place basic LEDs on the neckline of your party dress - or any top- to give the illusion of a "light necklace". Also, don't forget some flash tattoos (shown below) for a little extra sparkle!

I learned a lot about how to work with LEDs from the king of lights, Zach Vorhies, who invented the Turn Signal Gloves (see my last post on those here if you haven't). There is a lot more you can do with these fun little micro gadgets but this is the most basic way to use them.

Step 1:
Gather all your materials together.

You will need electric tape, copper tape, small battery, and LED lights. You can find everything online or at your local Radio Shack/Hardware store.

Lithium Cell Batteries (3V) and LED Lights

Step 2:
Place the battery in between the wire legs of the LED light, and secure down with copper tape.

Step 3:
Wrap up the copper tape and LED legs with Electric tape to make sure everything stays in place. The light should last about 3 days this way.

Step 4:
Repeat and voila! Make as many as you like to sew or glue down to the inside of your dress.

Champagne optional. Have a fun and happy holiday everyone.

-XO Julia

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  1. Oh my gosh. I love this. I wonder if I could find the parts in London before NYE. It looks amazing, I want to wear LEDs every day!

    1. Thanks Emma! I hope you do, and if not please try for any outfit - would love to see what you come up with :)


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