December 21, 2014

On Thursday nights, San Francisco's Exploratorium holds an After Dark cocktail party for adults to come mingle, chat about science, and play with the incredibly fun displays. I stopped by for some inspiration on my way to see a friend I made at the Orion launch from Raw Science TV at their film festival awards ceremony.

One-of-a-kind tee made by my friends (details at end of post)*

Bold quotes branded into the walls encourage explorers to try and see new things.

At first, this looked like a fairly normal room.

Until it started to shrink. Or was I getting bigger?

As we walked through each display, each basic science lesson was a reminder of how simple things can be created and what was once forgotten, is rediscovered to allow fresh ideas to emerge.

Lights affect mood, especially within a helmet. From lights to mirrors, colors and digital displays, each exhibit was a treat to the senses. I highly recommend checking it out if you find yourself near the Embarcadero.

Mirrors are amazing tools for illusion.

Senses re-awakened and imagination reeling, I bundle up and head back outside.

With a quick stop on the way home to enjoy the Bay Lights of course.

Oftentimes, when people are exposed to something new, the first reaction can be fear, or a fast reaction without time given for further consideration. Open up a perception on new things into one of curiosity, because the more we understand the less we fear, and the more knowledge we have the more we can share. Especially well put from the Jasper Johns quote above:
When something is new to us...We are alive.

Stay open and stay alive this holiday season. I'd challenge everyone to go out and try something new for the first time, and I hope you'll let me know what you come up with!

-XO Julia

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*This awesome tee I'm wearing reads "Actually, I am a Rocket Scientist" and inside joke ;) created for me by my good friends Paul Baker who writes some deadly funny headlines and Kristen Kator, photographer & fellow designer

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