MICA: The Latest Smart Bracelet from Intel & Opening Ceremony

December 2, 2014

These models are sporting the latest fashion-tech wearable from Intel and Opening Ceremony - the MICA smart cuff, offering discreet texting, email checking, and appointment keeping on a tiny screen. What's interesting, is that MICA is untethered, powered by AT&T and its own SIM card. The models here don't seem too happy about the label of fashionable however, and I am starting to see why.

They also seem a little confused. How can we access everything we need during our busy lifestyles, quickly, and on such a tiny screen that must be worn 24-7?

MICA: My Intelligent Communication Accessory.
Pre-loaded messages will keep your contacts eagerly waiting for you to get your smartphone out and send a real text
Yes we do need to talk about the lack of innovation and problem solving that should have been learned from other smart watches before it. The attempt to duplicate something so brilliant like a smart phone with a screen that gets smaller is backwards-thinking.  Haven't you noticed that smart phone screens are getting bigger? It appears the cuff has no unique features, except that it has extremely limited capability compared to the functionality of your phone.

Geo-Tagging with Yelp - why look at the smart phone in your other hand when you can look at your wrist too?
In addition, our bodies are precious real-estate for interchangeable, personal style - and something so obtrusive, heavy, and constant detracts from that simple joy of changing accessories.

Personally, I hadn't heard of Opening Ceremony before so I clicked over to their website to see some of the other said-fashionable, wearable items in their collection. Here are a few items shown below:

The above wearables offer no unique technology beyond the fashion. It is unfortunate that with Intel's amazing technology, that they would partner up with only a single designer for this wearable debut.

Opening Ceremony Fashion Show with MICA 
I like the shades better than the cuff, and a white tee is always a classic staple

This trendy piece will fade into the next, and along with it a software update and newer version. If you do want to try out this wearable just for fun they will launch for about $500 after shipping and be available late this month or early January. You can pre-order here.

However, think of it like wearing an expensive, temporary trend off the runway and not as a tool to make your life easier, because it probably will make it more complicated. (Especially as you run out of outfits to match it with).

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

-Coco Chanel

I can't recommend anyone run and out pre-order this device, but let me know if you do - I'm curious to hear your thoughts. 

-XO Julia

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