If You're Going to Have a Burger...

January 28, 2015

Then make it a good one! And sustainable. There is a burger gem located in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco if you can make it out there. A place that is worth putting your phone down for, just to enjoy the pleasures of a taking your time over a tech-free meal and simple conversation. 

The Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen serves up amazing coffee, but also surprisingly good grass-fed beef hamburgers on home-made rolls.

Hand-cut fries or arugula salad are popular sides
 The cafe is just seconds from Ocean Beach so it can get too chilly to eat outside on the cute cafe tables.

While I don't condone eating one everyday, I do suggest passing up the fast food burger and trying this place with it's well-designed interior, excellent coffee and beer selection, and of course amazing, local cuisine. Did I mention the main condiments are fresh greens and ripe tomatoes? Bonus points for ordering the arugula salad and stealing a friend's french fry. ;)

Bon App├ętit! 

- XO Julia

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All photos taken by Stephen Murdock. 

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