Midnight Matinee

January 8, 2015

Have you ever been to the theater to see a late night show? Those are the shows played at theaters (often independently owned) late at night, showcasing epic films without computer generated special effects that have been forgotten. I wore an outfit that I think best represents this unique experience, and to show off my dark new hairstyle. 

Navy blue collared shirt and bomber jacket with black skirt and black boots. In case you were wondering if you can pull it off, I think navy and blue will timelessly go together in any order.

These are taken with a wide-angle lens. I think the perspective is really interesting...almost like peering into a security camera.


Ok enough of that. Here are some better shots of my midnight by moonlight outfit.

 I absolutely love wearing my hair short again.

When it's this short, styling is easier and I can totally get away with messy bed-head hair.

And if I hate it, there are always cute hats and hoodies.

Once we got to the theater, I forgot to show off how light and twirly this skirt was. It's so fun to spin, but at night the lighting isn't always perfect so it turned out a bit blurry.

Spin your way to the Clay Theater in San Francisco if you are in town. This Saturday they are playing "The Room", which has been described by Entertainment Weekly as "The Citizen Kane of bad movies". Can't wait. ;)

Goodnight all.

-XO Julia

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