Looking for that Perfect New Accessory for Spring? How About a Microdrone

January 23, 2015

Looking for that perfect spring accessory? How about a robot? Start practicing your flight patterns now with the latest and greatest in these little robotic friends, and you'll be ready to show it off just in time for the beautiful spring weather.

This image gives you an idea about how cute and tiny the micro-drones can be. You can build one out from a kit or just get one that is already pieced together and ready to fly. This one, from Hubsan - comes with a little FPV camera on the front, so you can see what the drone sees on a little screen. You can also record video. (As long as you are not prone to motion sickness ;)

The first step when taking your drone out for a flight is pairing it with the transmitter, i.e. controller. 

You'll also need a launching pad. I used this green electric box, which was the perfect height...

...and you'll need the perfect outfit of course. Layers are a must for flying, and I've found myself wearing this Drippy Wool jacket from Free People just about everywhere (PS its on sale now!) Sweatshirt by Madewell, mini skirt by Theory

Then take-off! Watch out for the blades (and the trees) but otherwise it's so much fun to fly these little guys around. This is it spinning -



Watch out for the trees!
This electric box ended up doubling great as a chair.

I'm wearing these Onitsuka Tiger tennis with everything right now... you can find them here
Just as we were wrapping up the flight, my micro-drone spotted a friend over the tops of the trees! We rushed over to check it out. We found a fun group of people taking a DJI Phantom I out for a spin. It was the perfect time of evening to watch the LEDs light up.

The lights totally matched my hair clip (more on that to come soon...).

Behrooze, Shomir, and I are thinking about starting a drone club if you're interested in coming out to fly with us. Just ping me on a social channel and come join the fun!

DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter
Also...if you're thinking about getting a selfie-stick, please try to resist for just a few more months. There are some exiting selfie-drones about to hit the market and are sooo much cooler than a stick for an 'usie' or a 'selfie'.

Happy flying!

XO Julia

Thanks for reading! All photos taken by local photographer, Andrew Zhou whom I'd highly recommend for all of your photography needs. Follow his Instagram here.

Find live updates on my Instagram and TwitterThese opinions are all my own and may contain affiliate links. 

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