A New Year's Eve Party in True San Francisco Fashion: BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech)

January 1, 2015

A house party with the only lights coming from strings and a toasty backyard fire pit was the perfect place to try out my DIY LED sequence sequins dress, (as mentioned in this earlier post) on New Year's Eve. It was really fun to add a little extra sparkle onto party dress, and the string of lights replaced the necklace I'd usually wear. Could lights become the next trend in jewelry? 

Here's hoping, click for a quick peek of the rest of the party.

Trying out another LED accessory

If my friends weren't wearing or carrying LEDs they were sporting sequins-something for sure. Below is a snap from a vintage skirt worn by Megan Starr, passed down from her mom who rocked it in the 1970's.

The colors matched the champagne glasses!

Sequins sisters

Here's to 2015! Happy New Year everyone.

- XO Julia

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