New Year's Resolution #1: More Green Veggies!

January 3, 2015

This year, as my first real attempt to improve my culinary skills, I've added another category to the blog where, on occasion, I'll be experimenting with some healthy recipes or reviewing local cuisine.

In an attempt to get those neurons firing a bit faster, my first New Year's resolution is to find interesting ways to incorporate more leafy greens into my diet. My first cooking ambition is to make a variety of healthy smoothies, (and give them totally silly names).

This is the first one I tried, and after some minor trial and error it tasted great and turned out to be a refreshing snack that left me feeling energized and completely satisfied.

Winter Green Elixer (a.k.a. salad in a glass)

Name: Winter Green Elixir

Ingredients (mostly organic):

1 cup chopped dino kale
1 cup microgreens
2 cups frozen pineapple
1 sliced banana
A few mint leaves

I mixed in a high-powered blender with a little organic juice, water, and added a touch of vanilla yogurt because it was slightly bitter at first. The hint of mint was a great way to make it taste fresh and super hydrating.


-XO Julia

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