Bloom and Shine. Colorful Misfit Wearables at the Colorful W Hotel Downtown San Francisco

October 25, 2014

Where else but San Francisco does a hotel lounge light up with colorful LED's? An exclusive fashion event brought me out to the W Hotel in downtown for some post-work mingling, relaxing, and investigating new wearable gadgets.

Interior design meets science fiction...the upstairs lounge felt a little bit like it was going to take off, spaceship style.

A peek of what I wore that day. A simple black suit and edgy ASymmetrical skirt accented a light, blush pink blouse. I topped off the look with thick dark frames, and a touch of sophistication in pearls. The W's bartender made a special drink for guests that night, something about mint and vanilla...very refreshing.

I prefer blouses buttoned up to the top like this, and always with pointed toe pumps.

Hiding out in the cozy VIP area while I wrap up a little work.

If you haven't yet heard of Misfit, this is a company that makes various activity trackers. They focus in tracking steps, calories, distance and sleep. The Shine (shown below) is a small orb that displays circular light indicators to let you know how close you are to reaching your personal sleep and fitness goals. A tiny, colorful promise of a healthier, more active lifestyle.

What makes this wearable unique is the extensive battery life.  The battery doesn't need replacing for almost 6 months, and is completely waterproof.

Also nice, is that the orb is easily removed, and can be clipped on to shoes or clothing.

I think the clipping feature is a must since none of the new colors or bands really went with my outfit. (I tried on a few different options).

One of the latest additions to the Misfit line, is the Bloom necklace. This was reported to have sold out completely on the first day it was released. Are we ready for a necklace wearable or what, ladies? This too tracks steps, calories, distance and sleep while hanging from your neck.

I prefer my pearls over the orb with this look I had on, however am looking forward to testing out all of these devices soon with my exercise gear, casual street clothes, or even the athletic socks made specifically to hold and hide the Shine orb.

I've just received my personal collection, so a very special thanks to Misfit for my package, and stay tuned for more on these wearables in detail.

xoxo - Julia

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