Eating, Drinking, Hacking, Eating... a Sneak Peek Inside the SalesForce 2014 Hackathon

October 11, 2014

This weekend's Dreamforce Hackathon is located on a secret hidden floor above the Metreon theaters in downtown San Francisco. Everything felt very mysterious when I entered the outdoor patio which is now covered in a plastic tent and illuminated with a purple glow. Here is a quick recap of day one:

So much delicious (and free) food to choose from. Deviled eggs, all the sushi you can eat, salads, meat dishes, fruit, cheese, dessert...and all presented beautifully. 

Friendly staff offered to help with anything you might want or need, then cleared each dish up at the table when we were finished.
Such a VIP experience ;) .

Our team had very little time to finalize an idea before we had to commit the first round of skeleton code at 12pm the next day. Here we are discussing our top secret idea. (From left to right, Adam, Matt, Jourdan, Justin and myself are pictured below)...

...our final rock-star developer, Whitney, arrived a little late, but somehow intuitively knew to color-coordinate her outfit with the purple interior design. A hint of her genius. 

We worked late into the night, a few of us eventually making until 3:30am before sleeping for a few hours. I was fortunate enough to find a couch and curled up with the blankets and candy the staff handed out.

Things are getting intense here as people are dropping out of the running already - we just made our first commit, the competition is fierce but we are still in the running! Updates coming soon...


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