Pros and Cons of the Shine: Misfit's Activity Tracking Wearable in a Brand New Color

October 27, 2014

Recently, Misfit Wearables sent me a few products of theirs to review. They have a unique and interesting activity tracker, that monitors your daily exercise and sleep patterns.

It will monitor exercise and sleep of course, if you can figure out a way to wear it 24-7. Just know, these opinions are my own - so please keep reading if you want to hear my take on it.

PRO: The first thing I noticed about this device was the packaging. Beautiful! Smooth to the touch, the paper of the box felt like touching rose petals. Easy to open and perfectly displayed, I still haven't thrown out any of the boxes yet...can't seem to part with them.

I was sent the Shine, which is a personal tracker and motivator orb; designed after a macaroon cookie. Accompanying this little sphere were two accessories - a nice leather band and a stainless steel necklace, called Bloom.

I was sent the 'coral' color, spun from this beautiful and dreamy mood-board (found on Misfit's website, I'd recommend checking out the other colors for a quick dream escape).

CON: The branding is brilliant, albeit cleverly deceiving. Rather than finding a beautiful orb or tasty macaroon, I found something that resembled a small, circular hard-boiled egg. (See my pic below): 

I really was hoping that the whole tennis outfit shown on the model could be found inside - still on the lookout for it if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'm a big fan of playing tennis and love the detailed cutouts on the back of the dress. 

The packaging is still beautiful - from the foil stamping on the logo to the perfectly round die-cut in the center.

...eggs-actly. ;)

PRO: The accessories are nice. The delicate chain and detail on the Bloom is appealing down to the logo on the clasp, and I really do want to track my exercise activity while wearing it. (While exercising, not with street clothes, as previously mentioned in an earlier post here). 

I am just as hesitant to wear the chain with street clothes as I am for tracking my sleep... lest it gets tangled up to strangle me in the middle of the night... maybe a little paranoid, but just call me cautious. 

CON: So this is me casually attempting a smooth transition to get the Shine out of the wrist band and into the Bloom or a clip.

This photo was taken just before it finally popped out and rolled onto the concrete floor. It takes just a little bit more muscle than I'm used to using. Better start on those push-ups! It is not easy to get in and out of the band at first. Takes some getting used-to (and plenty of elbow grease).

PRO: The shine is fun to wear at the gym! It adds a little bit of flare to any workout outfit, and for someone who is either running or in the gym every other day, it's fun to play a little dress-up for a fitness session.

WARNING: Do not run while wearing the bloom, unless you are wearing a turtleneck to keep it from bouncing up and down...hitting you in the chest repeatedly. Ouch.

PRO: The UI that pairs your phone with the device is really simple and easy to use. These little tutorials get you started and set up in just a minute or two. Here is how to get the orb to illuminate:

The pairing was quick and responsive, followed with an even faster social sign-in with Facebook, and boom - you're connected to a community of Misfits.

FINAL TAKE: Similar to the Nike fuel band,  Misfits "Shine" has brilliant branding. However, I would recommend holding off on the device if you're looking for something you can wear all day everyday; it just hasn't hit that fashionable style mark.

On another note however, if you are looking for a fitness motivator which is less expensive than a personal trainer; the Shine is the way to go. 

It's fun to play with and wear at the gym, and all you need to do is clip it onto your shoes during a spin class, or put around your neck for a little bling during a treadmill walk or elliptical excursion. 

Other colors and accessories are also available on their website. After a little browsing, I am intrigued by the Sport Socks, which allow you to input the "Shine" into them for excercise. I am about to pick up a pair to try out next.

Hope you enjoyed my review, thanks for reading! For more reviews and updates, subscribe in the sidebar or follow me here on Instagram and Twitter.

-xoxo Julia

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