Lawyer Up. Two of the Bay Area's Brightest Attorneys Share a Few Tips for Starting a Business in Fashion Tech*

October 6, 2014

"You know I can sue you for that..." my gorgeous council advises after a snap from my photographer lights up her face. (We try to hit specific angles after that.)

Brunch with these superintelligent women reminds me to cover all bases. Here are a few tips they share for inspiring bloggers & entrepreneurs out there.

#1: Don't forget to bring an electronic release form  
Sure it's fairly common sense, but remember - Google glass or not - if you are taking video or pictures of someone else, make sure they are ok with it. (Note the folks at the other tables have been deemed unidentifiable or blurred out.) Try ShakeLaw available for both Android and iPhone.

#2: When just starting out, know what kind of business structure you need
Choosing between a LLC or Sole Proprietorship is a good place to begin. This is important for self-protection and tax reasons. For a blog, a Sole Proprietorship should do the trick if it's just you at first, and will help avoid an annual fee.

#3: Yes, there's a legal app for that
NDA forms are an absolute staple in our field. Check out Legal-Ease for a really fast and easy way to safeguard ideas.

Of course I got a few more tips throughout the conversation, but you'll need to hire them on to get full disclosure (contact Rachel with or I for more info, and yes they come highly recommended).

*The materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice

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