Lingerie Apps, Wrist Wearables, and Mind Reading Devices at Dreamforce 2014

October 15, 2014

Erm, excuse me, so do you have the time? Why yes, yes I do. Phone safely tucked away in my dress pocket, I can automagically tell you what's happening on my smartphone without taking it out once...

...until that is, I need to double check that I've taken enough steps for the day before lollygagging around these demos for the rest of the afternoon. Phone in one hand, wrist wearables safely secured (in case I need an important update that I may have missed on my phone), and I'm ready to go.

My wrist is so small, that luckily I can fit up to 3 or 4 display devices, like the Samsung Gear and LG watch, just in case one has a feature the other one missed out on. These ginormo accessories can take the fingerprints and scratches that I'd rather my phone didn't get. Bonus: small chance of dropping and cracking the screen. 

So far, the Moto 360 (below) is actually my favorite. The circular display is more subtle than a bulky rectangle, and it really is quite comfortable. It also has voice control, but it is limited. I tried something like, "Ok Google, which way to the exit?". 

Testing it out at the Petits Bisous lingerie iBeacon demo, I learned that besides having sexy and cute halloween costumes, the store is focusing on discrete shopping personalization. The representative informed me that, Craig Crawford of Burberry Group, has since left Burberry to turn his attention here. 

After customers sign up for the Petits Bisous VIP app, they are greeted by a sales professional that has already pulled up their information as soon as they walk into the store. iBeacon detects their entry immediately. The benefit of a watch in this scenario actually makes sense, a display of cup size and panties preferences on a watch is far more discrete than approaching someone with an obtrusive display on a larger, more noticeable screen.

We all had too much fun testing out the demo, sending messages back and forth between the iPad and Moto watch. If you're interested in one of these, and don't want to wait for the iWatch, you can get one for 249.99 (as long as your phone run on AndroidOS).

Lately, I've been quite fascinated by neurotechnology (currently working a little software for this category that I can't wait to tell you more about...), and I was excited to try out some of the latest headgear to see what I could do with only my thoughts.

The screen displayed simple UI that tracked your state of mind, reminded you to stay calm, and to treat your brain and thoughts like a friend. Get rid of that negative self-doubt immediately! "I used to suffer from negative, ruminating thoughts, which kept me from getting further in life. Now, I'm a one-woman show."
 Jocelyn Umengan from the ChooseMuse company, passionately shares her testimonial with me. 
Using the same technology as an EEG recording would use, this hardware and app provides direct, realtime feedback via a calming female voice. Using as a tool for meditation and calm in a place with information overload, I gladly welcomed a peaceful 7 minutes.

After visiting the wearable device categories, I moved to the Internet-of-Everything-you-can-imagine. More to come on that soon. Bye for now, I have to get ready for the wearable keynote! Can hardly contain my excitement. 

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