Fall Fashion. What Really Matters - Fewer, Better Things.

October 22, 2014

Gearing up for a night on the town, I was thrilled to try out my new Cole Haan handbag, and Cuyana infinity scarf; a few of the gifts I recently received from Union Square SF, the cities local marketing firm. I'm excited and honored to be a guest blogger soon for the firm, now all I have to do now is shop around Union Square (gift card in hand) and talk a little about what I think. Post coming soon...all in a hard day's work, as they say.

I hadn't heard of Cuyana before this week, but am falling in love with the brand. Especially the their clever tag line: "Fewer, better things"

As I pondered this, I came across one of my favorite local design agencies, and this bold type treatment got me thinking about what really matters as far as fashion and wearables. If you want to keep a simple, curated closet for each season, with timeless pieces that will last years...what do you value the most? I made a list.

#1. High Quality Fabric and Materials.
I am always on the go, and don't have time to tread lightly. Good investment pieces will be durable enough to keep up with me and last hand washes, dry cleanings, minor tears, and colors that never fade.
#2. Clean, Straight Lines
There are few things I absolutely adore more than any electronic gadget. Mid-century modern architecture and furniture, and classic pieces of clothing (men and women's). What these two things have in common are clean, straight, lines that compliment everything else around them without distraction.  
#3. Flawless Layering Accommodation 
I've been here in the Bay Area now for just over a year, and found it will get chilly one minute, scorching hot the next, then the temperature will drop so quickly you barely have time to run into neighboring coffee shop before your fingers fall off. (No I'm not exaggerating ;). I love layering up in the city, not just for comfort, but so I can wear and mix a few of my favorite pieces all at once. The fabric must be durable, but also not so frumpy that I can't fit anything over or under it. 

Speaking of layers, and temperature changes, it ended up getting warm last night so I could show off my watch cuff (by Nooka of course, my favorite watch brand). I pretended it was a phone for a minute so I could get a feel for listening and talking to it. (In case you missed my #nexterday post for new the Puls wearable you can read it here).

Last but not least, I added one more item to my wish list for future fashion wearables.
#4. Safety 
As much as I love living in the city, there are certain areas that just don't feel safe for a girl walking home alone. I'm not one to stay inside all night out of fear of burglary, stabbing, or worse; but I'll admit the local news reports leave me feeling slightly uneasy. The one thing that I would happily wear everyday to accompany my simple wardrobe would be a device that could put my mind at ease.

I'll leave all you techy types to start ruminating on that one while my layers and I go enjoy the rest of the day (and night).

xoxo - Julia

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