Nerd Chic and Trendy Mondays

October 4, 2014

As a girl from the Pacific Northwest, I never thought I'd find myself praying for rain.

A night on the town this weekend however, has left me on bended knee as the the smog blowing in from the northern fires has slowly floated down, leaving our fresh air from the bay subdued and the climate parched.

Even the shop windows optimistically showcased the future of winter and the promise of cooling the city off with a little precipitation.

There was nothing more refreshing however, as watching the bay area handle the heat with style. After accepting an invite to the opening reception for Trendy Mondays, I watched as the city gathered together to cool off by sipping champagne on ice and watching chic models breeze down the isle.

(Tip: the trick to blending in with the fashion-forward crowd is to stand out as much as possible.)

A little warm, yes,

but worth every minute as summer fashion transitioned into fall...

nerdy glasses, collars, and power plug socks were celebrated...

...while a few extra pockets for gadgets were showcased to leave the crowd applauding for more.

After taking in the amazing show, looking through a few unreleased style apps, and saying a brief farewell to new friends, I remembered something as I headed outside to cool off a bit.

I recalled something I read by Richard Russo a while regards to entertainment, people don't really want to be entertained - they just want to be comforted.

Especially during a time of drought that climate change brings, remember that we're facing this together. Techies and fashionistas alike, and as we gather together to strengthen our community, there is nothing more entertaining, nor more comforting than a show that inspires hope by restoring a cheerful outlook during a time of minor discontent. Goodbye for now, and remember to conserve water by drinking plenty of champagne...


  1. Sorry I missed the opening reception! Can't wait to check out Trendy Mondays! xx

  2. We missed you too Kelly! Get there before those awesome socks sell out ;)


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